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Allentown Web Services

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Cost Effective Solutions Since 1996

We Help You to Increase Your Business' Exposure
"Web Technology" is a lean, fast, efficient business development and Marketing tool. Notice we said "Web Technology" not just "website". Our professional web design, web redesign, web programming, web marketing, web maintenance, and web hosting services attract both people and search engines, in this case specifically, the Allentown and Lehigh Valley area.

Displace/Avoid Costs
Why use web technology? The answer is it can be a substitute for scarce resources you don't have and can't afford. We integrate business applications and effective web designs that meet and exceed client expectations. We can apply web technology for you so you can simplify and automate business processes.

"Touch" Your Customers and "Reach" Target Prospects
Two key components of sustained Marketing are "reach" and "frequency". When developed from a strategic business and marketing perspective, it is an extremely low cost tool that allows the recurring reach and frequency required to create awareness, establish your brand, differentiate your business and its offerings, build credibility with your target market and keep in touch with and retain your customers.

Adjust Your Marketing Message as the Market Requires
Products and services have life cycles. Market conditions change as competitors adjust their strategies and tactics and when new competitors enter your market space. Gaining initial sales is one thing but retaining a customer and obtaining repeat sales is another. One old adage still holds true, it takes between five to ten times more effort to obtain a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Customers leave if they feel they are neglected, or they feel their provider no longer has credibility with them. We couple Business Consulting with Web technology and website development to support you total business efforts - your business/ goals objectives and imperatives.
RPD Web Services Benefits:
  • Inexpensively build local and/or global awareness
  • Build/Strengthen your Brand
  • Reach Target Market(s)
  • Support Your Customers
  • Automate/Simplify Processes
  • Avoid/Displace "Operating Costs"
Serving Allentown Metropolitan Area and Surrounding Lehigh County. For memorable online presence and buzz, we harness the power of the Internet to focus all client Marketing, branding, ads, collateral materials, etc., around informative, easy to use websites. Use the medium that is always available reaching and "touching" your clients 24 x7 x 365. RP Design Web Services crafts individually specialized Internet-based solutions for businesses of all sizes. For more information, please call the number above or send an email to sales@allentownwebservices.com. Feel free to visit the following pages:

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